Ring Raje

Site-Specific Sound Installation

Sound Design, Field Recording, Dérive

“La sonnette” by Robert Doisneau

RingRaje It's a site-specific installation that confronts us directly with simple questions.

Based on the very old and worldwide known children's game of ringing bells and running away -know as “Knick Knack” in some countries- I recorded the results of my interaction with many randomly rang doorbells of Buenos Aires buildings.

This series of unanswered questions, was recorded over several months, compiled and worked on my own sound aesthetics.

Who's there?
Who are you?
Anyone there?

RingRaje is a sound work that evokes simple philosophical questions appearing directly in the ear of the listener, without symbolism or metaphors mediating in between.

Situationist theorist Guy Debord defines the dérive (drift) as "a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances”. In other words, an unplanned tour through an urban landscape directed entirely by the feelings that are evoked in the individual by their surroundings, served as the primary means for mapping and investigating the psychogeography of different areas.

As a result of this experimental random walks, I traced a path in the map of the neighborhood Nuñez, in Argentina, which has resulted as an audio-map translation of a very specific time and place of Buenos Aires city.

The work was selected to participate in Isidoro Art Gallery, curated by Perenne Gallery in 2014.

The piece was designed and built for this site-specific event, which was played through a “fake" doorbell located inside the gallery, where visitors could hear the work through this intercom throughout the year 2014.