Caries Attack

Interactive Game Installation

Processing, Javascript, Code, OSC Protocol, Syphon, Arena, Mapping

Caries Attack, Live Presentation at UNA, Universidad Nacional del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Caries Attack is an Interactive Videogame Installation that I made in collaboration with Aniki Welt for the Advanced Programming class at UNA (National University of Art) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We programmed this work using the physics library by Ricar Maxter based on Java engine JBox2D, within the Processing environment, in order to achieve smoother movements and physical abilities like gravity, speed, weight, etc.

The interface is based on OSC protocol, which allow us to connect a portable touch device (Android or iOS) with a TouchOSC app previously installed, to control the character movements wirelessly.

The final result is a mapping video projection over a physical mouth structure made of cardboard elements. The game is generated by processing who sends the output to Syphon which sends the video to the mapping tool Arena.

Technical Setup