Interactive Installation

Processing, Open CV, openFrameworks, Pure Data, Javascript, Code

Agents, Live Presentation at UNA, Universidad Nacional del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Agents is an interactive installation dealing with the behavior of living organisms and artificial life that I made with Santiago Tula and Mariano Rivas in the context of the study of life and artificial intelligence at UNA (National University of Art) Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the class of new media art.

For this work we developed a interactive vertical structure better known as a tangible user interface.

A pointing-up camera located inside the installation captures the movements of the fingers, translating this points to location variables, allowing the interaction of the users with the program.

We used openFrameworks and Open CV to track movements and interactions of the hands, using those variables to control events on Processing.

In addition, we used the same data to trigger sounds in Pure Data adding a further dimension to the work.

We used four elements to make our artificial intelligence system, based in a Game of life configuration.

The rules of the Cellular Automaton are.

Red Cells / Predators: They gain weight eating black and yellow cells.

Yellow Cells / Healers: They help the black cells eating red cells and losing weight in the process. Also, they can feed/heal a black cell touching them.

Black Cells / Searchers: They eat food avoiding predators.

Food: The user can change the position of the “food”. All cells, especially the black one, react to these movements.

Also, the user can add cells touching the surface of the tangible user interface.